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Airedale Academy

Principal: Mrs Elizabeth Fairhurst

Tel: 01977 664555

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Registered in England and Wales, No: 07556117

Airedale Academy is operated by Airedale Academies Trust,
an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee.

Registered Office: Airedale Academy, Crewe Road, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 3JU

Child Protection: Senior Designated Person - Mrs C Eastwood

Year 6 - 7  Transition
Children embrace change, as long as they feel fully prepared for what is to come. Moving up to high school can be a concern for parents, as well as pupils themselves. Here at Airedale Academy, we recognise this and work hard to make this transition as smooth and exciting as possible, for everyone’s benefit; happier pupils are keener to learn, make better progress and achieve more.

We work in partnership with our pyramid of schools and start our transition programme early; in the autumn term, we invite both Year 5 & 6 children to come and spend a full day with us at a time when the school is closed to its own pupils. They experience life in the Academy with taster sessions in different subjects. Over the year, we work closely with the primaries to ensure pupils and parents have numerous opportunities to visit the Academy and get to know the staff. Family meals, tours of the school, talent shows (in our state of the art Phoenix Theatre), coffee mornings, sports tournaments and social events such as discos, are all part of our Transition Programme.  In July, pupils spend up to 4 full days with us as part of their Induction Programme.  

Year 7 forms have their home in our Year 7 Base – the extremely popular ‘school within a school’.  These pupils have their own dedicated entrance and social areas.  This helps to reduce worries about mixing with older pupils. As the year progresses, gradually our specialist Year 7 staff  help pupils to integrate into the rest of the school in preparation for Year 8.

If you have a child in Year 5 or 6 and would like to know more about the transition programme, or to book a place on any of our Transition Events, please email or telephone Ms Chambers, Assistant Principal on 01977 664555.
Forthcoming Events
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