GCSE Results 2018
At a time of much change in the world of exams, Airedale Academy is able to celebrate an increased percentage in students achieving both a standard pass (grade 4+) and a good pass (grade 5+) in both English and Maths. Many students were delighted at what they have achieved in what are tougher, more rigorous examinations and large numbers of students will yet again be able to take up their places at college or here at Airedale Academy’s sixth form. Staff and students alike have worked incredibly hard to adapt to the new specifications, in what has been a short period of time, and will continue to ensure that future students at our academy are as equipped as they can be for the new style GCSE.

As always, we like to highlight some real success stories amongst our students and our departments who have performed remarkably well.

Departmental Successes 
Both the English and Maths teams have seen an increase this year in the % of students achieving a grade of above 4 and 5.

Our Health & Social Care team has yet again surpassed all expectation, with 100% of students achieving on or above target, with 56% of these being above target grade! Fantastic.

 Our Media team managed to ensure that 95% of students achieved on or above their target grade, with 64% being above!                

The BTEC PE team celebrated 96% of students achieving on or above their target, with 63% being above. The staff also predicted 90% accurately, the most accurate predictions in the school.

Finally, our Performing Arts Team once again managed to ensure that 93% of students achieved on or above their target with 43% being above.

Student Successes
Although we celebrate every single student achievement, the following students not only achieved a string of superb grades but have made remarkable progress over their time with us at Airedale Academy and are expected to have made exceptionally positive Progress 8 scores – well done to each and every one of you:

Daniel Hughes

Corrie Churm 

Emily Maris

Daniel Dakin

Jodie Clarke

Maddison Scarfe

I would like to thank all students, staff and parents/carers for their hard work and ongoing commitment to making Airedale Academy the best it can be. It is now onwards and upwards as we quickly move to the start of another academic year! We look forward to welcoming all students back to school on Tuesday 4th September at 8.30am.

Mrs Fairhurst  - Principal