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Academies are independent, state-funded schools. Old-style academies were an attempt to give a fresh start to underperforming or struggling schools, and were required to have a sponsor. Converter academies (of which Airedale Academy is one) are schools which inspectors have judged to be good or outstanding and who chose to become an academy because of the freedoms and flexibilities it offers us to do what we think is best for our students.

We receive our funding directly from central government, rather than through the local authority, but we work with Wakefield Council and other schools in the area in order to achieve the best for Airedale’s pupils. We are directly accountable to the Department for Education, have to comply with relevant legislation, and have to meet the same standards for achievement as all other schools, which includes being subject to inspections by Ofsted.

The Academy Council of Airedale Academy includes parent representatives, representation from the Academy’s staff, members of the local community and other professionals who can bring useful skills to the leadership of the school. Northern Ambition Academies Trust has ultimate responsibility for managing the Academy and works with the Principal and Academy Council to determine the ethos of the school, including deciding on the Academy’s admissions policy. The Trustees of Northern Ambition Academies Trust have determined that the school will not select pupils based on ability.

Pre - 16 Admission

If you wish to apply for a place at our Academy for a child in years 7-11, all admissions are dealt with on our behalf by Wakefield Council.  For details of the process telephone 01924 305617 or to visit Wakefield Council’s website and apply, click here.

The admissions number for Airedale Academy in 202/22 is 240.   In 2022/23 the planned admissions number is 240.   As an Academy we are subject to the same admissions codes as other state-funded schools and choose to participate in the Wakefield school admission process.    Details of our pre-16 admission policy and how to appeal against an admission decision can also be accessed on the Wakefield site.

If you would like further information about admission to the Academy, an informal chat or a tour of the school, please contact the academy on 01977 664555.

Post-16 Admission
For Admission to the Academy’s sixth form, click here.


Due to the current situation the Local Authority have recently updated the Admissions Policy for 2023/2024.  The full policy can be found here:

wakefield-la-school-admissions-policy-2023-24.doc (live.com)