Supporting Your Child

The Academy takes the wellbeing of all our students very seriously. In addition to their tutor, students have the support of progress leaders for their year group, mentors and the senior leadership team.

Students are encouraged to talk to an adult (their form tutor, mentor or progress leader) if they have any worries or concerns. Although we run specific parents evenings during the year to discuss your child's progress, please feel free to contact your child's form tutor or progress leader via the main school number if you or your child have any particular concerns.

  • Mr Gardener - Year 7
  • Dr Wetherill - Year 8
  • Mr S Wharin - Year 9
  • Mr L Wharin/Mr Billings - Year 10
  • Mrs Phelan - Year 11
  • Mrs Harrap - Sixth Form


Special Educational Needs

Our guiding principle is one of Inclusion. We want to identify and break down all possible barriers to learning so that all pupils whatever their physical or learning needs, can achieve their full potential.

For more detail about how we support students with SEND, please visit our SEND page here



At Airedale Academy we take bullying extremely seriously. All children have a right to attend school without fear of being bullied. Details of our approach can be found in our Anti-Bullying policy.