Policy & Rationale

The Governors of Airedale Academy believe that all students are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum based on the following areas of experience: expressive, aesthetic and creative; linguistic; mathematical; physical; scientific; social, environmental, political and economic; spiritual and moral; technological.

Students must have equality of access.  The curriculum will be relevant and coherent, ensuring progression and challenge, and will be delivered within a high quality learning environment. The Academy has high expectations of all students and will ensure that the curriculum is designed to recognise that all students are individuals at differing stages of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and personal development.

Continuity of learning is provided in part by the programmes of study of the National Curriculum and the Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education but will be re-inforced, especially at transition stages, so that each phase of education builds systematically on the foundations already laid. Where appropriate, links will be made with vocational and recreational opportunities.

It is important to all the staff at Airedale Academy that we enable young people to become successful learners and confident individuals and because of this we offer a wide and varied curriculum that can be tailored to meet the needs of all our pupils.

Our curriculum ensures that pupils are able to make outstanding progress across all key stages and year groups as we have an unfaltering focus on ensuring all pupils achieve their potential.

We also aim to equip pupils with the skills and attitudes necessary for lifelong learning as well ensuring that pupils are able to contribute responsibly to society at large, including developing an understanding of British Values.

To find out more about the curriculum for different year groups, please click on the links to the left. Should you have any questions about curriculum then please ask to speak to Mrs. Cheryl Eastwood on 01977 664555 or email - curriculum@airedaleacademy.com