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Independent Learning

Independent Learning 

Airedale Academy promotes an ethos in which students are encouraged and directed to work independently outside of the classroom. Independent learning promotes skills which are required for adult life, including: resilience, research and time management. Independent learning is a process of learning which enables learners to have control and ownership over their learning, leading to a deeper understanding of the subject matter being studied in the curriculum at that particular time.

At KS4, there is a direct correlation between the volume of self-study being completed and exam success; students excel and achieve beyond their target grades when independent study is frequent in order to deepen their knowledge of the exam courses being studied. 

Airedale Academy utilises Google Classroom as a learning tool for independent study. Students are able to access their Google Classroom account via a web browser, or by downloading the Google Classroom Student App onto a mobile device. Each student in the academy is given a Google log-in, in order that they can access their Google Classroom account, but also in order that they can use Google Docs to complete their independent study. Each class teacher will set independent tasks on Google Classroom, with a deadline for completion. Please note that some subject areas use other online learning tools, including Educake, Language Nut and Sparx Maths.

If a student does not have access to a computerised or web-based device, please alert the appropriate Head of Year and we will seek to support with this. If a student prefers to complete independent learning tasks on school site, we do offer the facility of an afterschool supervised Homework Club. 

Students will be rewarded on Class Charts for the completion of all independent study tasks, providing they have been completed to the required standard and to the deadline set.

Independent study tasks are set as follows:

KS3 (Years 7-9):

Independent Learning tasks will be completed on a weekly basis in Core subjects (English, Maths and Science). In all other subjects, independent learning tasks will be set at the appropriate points of the curriculum in order to enrich the curriculum and deepen knowledge. These could be project-based tasks which require the student to work independently over a number of weeks.

KS4 (Year 10 & 11)

At KS4, independent learning tasks will be set on a weekly basis for all GCSE and Vocational courses being studied. The intention of this is to re-visit and to deepen knowledge of the component of the curriculum being currently, or previously studied. Independent learning tasks in KS4 could be to rehearse exam-style questions, to prepare for quizzes and exams, to learn and to be able to apply subject terminology (Tier 3 Vocabulary), to complete independent research ahead of a Key Assessment Piece in class, or to complete directed study and revision tasks.