Welcome to CORE at Airedale Academy

In this section you will find details about the following faculties:

Maths, English and  Science

Head of CORE at Airedale Academy is Mrs Sandra Moore

Our Maths Faculty staff are:

Head of Faculty - Ms Lucy Greave

2nd In Faculty -Mr Stephen Chippendale

Teachers of Maths - Ms Aramburu, Mr Copping, Mr Kemp, Mrs Moore, Mr Robinson

Maths Intervention Assistant - Ms Rotherforth

Our English Faculty Staff are:

Head of Faculty - Miss Alix Blaikie

2nd in Faculty - Miss Kelly Wilson

Teachers of English - Mr Ennis, Ms Galtrey, Mr Harrap, Ms Heath, Ms Lowe, Mrs Richmond, and Ms Wilson

Our Science Faculty Staff are:

Head of Faculty - Mr Steve Miller

2nd in Faculty - Mrs Mariel Sanderson

Teachers of Science - Ms Halman, Mrs Howe, Miss Matthewman, Ms Milner, Mrs Carruthers and Mrs Walker