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Reading Curriculum

Class Reads​ for 2022-23


Airedale Academy Reading Curriculum​

​In Years 7 & 8, students are allocated one hour of reading on a weekly basis. This reading lesson is in addition to and separate from students' English lessons. The aim of the reading curriculum is to scaffold and improve our students' active reading skills to aid their academic success, to increase their confidence in reading and to offer our students the opportunity to read for pleasure.​

​As a school, we have invested in a range of award-winning class texts for our students to enjoy as a group read. The texts are updated annually in response to student feedback and offer our students a wide range of genres within fiction. ​

To guide the class reading, we have embedded a strategic curriculum based on the principles of reciprocal reading. In each class, we actively read using the four principles of Predict, Clarify, Question, Summarise. The strategies are used to scaffold and support pupils’ active reading skills and enable them to become confident and proficient readers who can access challenging texts.​

​Airedale Academy is committed to investing in the Bookbuzz programme which allows every child to select and keep a book of their own. This book can be used for independent reading for pleasure within reading lessons.​

​In order to foster word consciousness and support our readers when they approach new vocabulary, students will explore root words within this lesson.​

​Equally, reading lessons are also used to recap Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar rules; written accuracy is important in all subjects.


Example Reading Booklet

SPaG & Vocabulary in Reading Lesson 


Predict, Clarify, Question, Summarise