Eight students and two staff took part in the first head-to-head Escape Room, 'Submerged', at The Great Escape in Leeds yesterday. The aim of the game was to work as a team to escape the abandoned submarines in under 50 minutes - before the oxygen reserve ran out. Each submarine had three sections: comms room, weapons room and navigation room.

The game had a difficulty of 5/5!! Amazingly, the first team not only emerged before the time ran out, but managed to escape in 32 minutes and 38 seconds, meaning they currently stand 14th on the overall leaderboard (with over 3,000 teams playing the game!) An incredible achievement! The other team were also hot on their heels and disabled the first team's sub twice by firing missles at them to slow them down! 

Students then celebrated their success with a few pizzas and drinks. Well done everyone!