PPE Timetables

The results of PPEs  help to measure progress towards targets, establish predicted grades, inform teaching staff of specific gaps that need addressing and allow us to plan for appropriate intervention where necessary.  After the assessment period, pupils will receive a summary sheet of their PPE results as well as predicted and target grades and ATL.

Should you require further information or additional assistance in supporting your child, please contact specific subject teachers and progress leaders.


Year 7

Year 9

Year 10 

Our Year 10 students will be sitting their PPEs in October 2019.  Here is the timetable for these examinations:




By introducing pupils to formal exams at an early stage, we help them to become familiar with the strict examination protocol and thereby ease feelings of apprehension.  During the assessment period, pupils should attend school every day as normal.  It is important that students take these PPEs seriously, as it gives them the opportunity to experience exam questions before their official exams in Year 11. The booklet below offers revision tips and a section on how parents and family members can best lend support to pupils in order for them to achieve their potential.  In addition, pupils should of course follow advice given by subject teachers on what and how to revise.


Revision Guide for Students